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Keeley's Musings

Urgh so Rachel Sinclair words cannot even begin to describe how much this girl annoys me. I would go as far as to say I hate her and that doesn't come easily to me but but but urgghhhhhhh she's just so arrrrggghhhhhhh!! So right today me and Matt were sat in the dining room at school eating lunch and she saunters over all bleached blonde hair and stinky perfume *gags* and she's all over Matt like practically drooling on him eeewww how he didn't throw up is beyond me Rolling Eyes and shes like "oh matt I really wanna shag you" hahahaha okay so she didn't actually say that but she might as well have dirty tramp and then she starts being all like "I don't know what you see in Casey" aarrrrggghhh I nearly punched her I mean seriously I'm sat right here dude that's my best mate you are talking about!!! But anyways Matty god bless him tells her to shut up and starts on about how amazing Casey is and how Rachel doesn't even start to compare to her wooohoo go Matty cheers hahaha that boy really has got it bad for Casey if only they would wise up to each other!!

what really narks me thou is the fact she is dating Gregg (icky icky icky but that's another story) but thinks its okay to hit on other guys?!?! I mean seriously get a grip girl Matt is not interested so run off back to Gregg the smeg(head) and throw yourself at him, he's more you type i.e. has no intelligence or taste hahahaha

but then this afternoon after English we were walking out the classroom and she deliberately trips Mandy up, what is it with this girl and picking on my besties?? Luckily Scott caught Mandy before she hit the deck and I swear if looks could kill Mands would have struck her dead there and then on the spot hehehe that's my girl she's awesome!!

I think she fancies Brendan as well at Matty thou she keeps staring at him Evil or Very Mad DONT EVEN GO THERE!!! I swear I will rip her to shreds if she even so much as gives him a flirty look - dirty little tramp Mad if she manages to keep her knickers on longer than a day it will be declared a national holiday hahaha

Anyways that's enough ranting about the local bike but heed my warning LOOK UP YOUR SONS RACHEL SINCLAIR IS LOOSE!! Laughing 


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Post on Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:52 pm  caseybauer

Haha I do love this particular musing Keeley Wink she definitely is a tramp whore, better keep her hands to herself eeurgh otherwise she will feel my hulk smash in her face lol! 

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